Cemrox is a Business Platform provides high-quality systems and accounting software for companies to help them to manage their own inventories, accounting, clients, vendors, and employees..

What are our goal?

Our goal is to allow you customize our software business platform and. Unlike other vendors they give installation only without user-side customization. So you can't do anything except change your logo in their systems. That's good. But Business Platform is bigger than that. So we provide you a way to customize our software by giving you predefined set of controls inside our software platform, With us you can easily design user-interface or screens, reports and menus. You can change, add, or delete fields from any data-entry screen. re-structure screen. changing labels, etc. You can design reports internally with popup designer will appeared once you choose a report you need to design. You can add your quick menus, design new menus and insert them in main platform screen. and much more you can do in our software business platform

Customize our Solution by yourself!

As we mentioned in our goal section above. You can customize our software business platform easily!, we give you internal tools with each business platform. For example, when you purchase Cemrox POS AC. You will got internal designer tools that allow you to customize menus, screens, and reports. You can add new fields you need in both data-entry screen and its corresponding report. Also you can modify general reports and change report's fields, colors, add new bands, and add your custom social info in your reports. You can change our software brand with your one. including main login screen, all screens and reports. That's awesome alright!

Language Builder - Rebranding Tool!

19.Grid Design
Customize any grid of master details screens. Ex: Sales and Purchase screens.

Language Builder

5.Language Builder
Build languages for your audience.

Rebranding Tool!

Generate your own Setup.exe with your company logo and name!

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