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The project is completely free and out-of-support now forever!

Windows Installer Version: 2023-03-05 (Change Log)

You will get lifetime updates. you can renew support if you need. You need to pay 50% of package you specified for additional support period.

Used Tools: Visual Studio 2022 - C# WinForms - DevExpress - MS Access Engine 2021 - ADO.NET

List of Comprehensive features you will get!
1.  Rebranding Tool to create your Setup.exe file without compile source code.
2.  Language Builder via JSON/GUI, to create different cultures.
3.  License Generator with Dynamic 256 AES Encryption.
4.  You can sell Infinite License Keys to your customers.
5.  Cash Drawer Feature.
6.  Back Office Feature.
7.  Items, Categories, and Units Forms.
8.  Sales and Sales Return Forms.
9.  Purchase and Purchase Return Forms.
10.  Stock Taking and Damaged Stock Forms.
11.  Clients and Vendors Forms,
12.  Clients Settlements and Vendors Settlements Forms.
13.  Client Debit Voucher and Vendor Credit Voucher Forms.
14.  Sales Person and Receivers Forms.
15.  Receipt and Payment Vouchers Forms.
16.  Payment Methods and Taxes Forms.
17.  Users and Permissions.
18.  Cash and Debit Sales with two payment methods accepted.
19.  Multiple Item Size/Unit with Conversion (Piece, Cartoon, Package) per one item.
20.  Multiple Payment Methods (Cash, Visa, Credit, etc.)
21.  Multiple Sales Report Receipt Patterns.
22.  Settings and rich-featured Inventory Options.
23.  Barcode Designer and Barcode Scales Supported.
24.  Screen Designer to customize all Forms.
25.  Report Designer to customize each report.
26.  Grid Designer to customize grids of master-details screens.
27.  Ribbon Menu Designer to customize main menu.
28.  Sales and Purchase Reports (A4).
29.  Damaged Stock Report (A4).
30.  Daily Sales Report (Receipt + A4).
31.  Items Sales Report (Receipt + A4).
32.  Daily Purchase Report (Receipt + A4).
33.  Items Purchase Report (Receipt + A4).
34.  Sales By Month (Receipt).
35.  Sales By Day Report (Receipt).
36.  Daily Payments By Payment Methods Report(Receipt).
37.  Best Selling Items Report (Receipt).
38.  Best Selling Clients Report (Receipt).
39.  Best Selling Vendors Report (Receipt).
40.  Low Selling Items Report (Receipt).
41.  Low Selling Clients Report (Receipt).
42.  Low Selling Vendors Report (Receipt).
43.  Sales By Client Report (Receipt).
44.  Sales By Vendor Report (Receipt).
45.  Profit and Loss Report (Receipt + A4).
46.  Items Profit Report (Receipt).
47.  Items Movement Report (Receipt + A4).
48.  Items Stock Taking Report (Receipt + A4).
49.  Items Expiration Report (Receipt + A4).
50.  Items List Report (Receipt + A4).
51.  Clients Settlements Report (Receipt + A4).
52.  Vendors Settlements Report (Receipt + A4).
53.  VAT Tax Report (Receipt).
54.  Dashboard Report (Receipt).
55.  Users Activity Log Report (A4).
56.  Multiple Filters in Reports (Filter by Date, Time, Item, Category, ...).
57.  Well-structured Core Library to create any other business modules.
58.  Auto Backup and Database Auto Update Features.
59.  HD Sound Effects for easy know transaction processes while working.
60.  Multiple Demo Databases included.
61.  GitHub Repository for Instant Compilation.
62.  Lifetime Updates Accessibility via our portal.
63.  3 Months Text Support via WhatsApp, Email.
64.  Much More!

Point of Sale Ready!

Just one click to install Cemrox POS AC

Back Office Feature!

Items Card (Layout Control + AdornerUIManager to highlight the required fields)

Clients, Vendors, Sales Persons, Receivers (Most master data-entry screens have Screen Designer, Report Designer, Adorner UI)

Options Screen

Rebranding Tool!

You don’t need any programming experience or to compile the source code to rebrand the entire Cemrox POS AC; with this tool, you will just insert your company name, logo, icon, and social media links. then a Setup.exe will generated for you!

Language Builder

Create your own languages, with the Language Builder. You can translate data-entry and report screens from GUI or JSON files directly! Unlimited Languages you can support!

Sales Invoice

Motivation Sales Invoice!

30+ Receipt Reports

Cemrox POS AC includes more than 30 receipt printers reports that can printed from thermal printer (Sales, Purchase, Items Profit, Tax Reports, and more!)

Multiple Sales Receipt Patterns

Multiple Sales Receipt Patterns available to cusotmized. SUch as A4, Unit Pattern, Tax Pattern, Short Pattern and so on.

Cusotmize It Yourself!

Our software are easy to customize by end-users. You can customize user-interfaces, design reports, build your menus and much more!

Multiple Styles

You can apply your prefered style!

Barcode Designer

Support Barcode designer and Barcode scales

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer and Open Commands via Receipt Printers

Dash board

Cash Drawer and Open Commands via Receipt Printers


VAT Tax Supported!, You can any number of VAT's you have and choose the default one you will deal with.

Do you have Questions?

Here's a list of questions with answers that maybe help you!, Also don't forget to contact us anytime via Contact Us link or our contact details below.
Why choose our software?
Our software are made to evolve and customize. specially from customers side!, We have ease of use data-entry designer, report designer, menu designer. So you can re-design your forms, reports and build menus. You can restructuring our systems for your needs!, Unlike tools you use to creating a system from scratch Which leads to errors later!
Why Cemrox POS AC?
Cemrox POS AC come with full-feature User-Interface designer for all data-entry screens such as sales, purchase, items, etc. You can customize each form easily by adding new field or modify currently one. or delete useless field in your business side. Also Cemrox POS shipped with report designer and barcode designer. You can customize all reports. including data-entry reports and general reports. Also Cemrox POS have standard mechanism and API. You just learn one screen and report. other screens/reports It will be like drinking water!
Is it possible to add fields to system screens?
Sure!, with screen-designer feature. You can add, modify and delete fields in all data-entry screens in our systems.
Will I get technical support?
Yes!, We are here to serve you at any time. Just hit Contact Us above. or call us directly with contact information provided in top menu.
I need the system for services, not goods
Trade is trade!, whatever items you have. our inventory system support both physical and services items. You can filtered category you needs!
Does your system include tax?
Sure, you can any numbers of taxes in system without any limits. You can turn it on/off for sales or purchase.
Can you help me to do my customizations?
Dear Customer, we will actually assist you in making the product stable as the features it currently provides, Generally, CodeCanyon agreements do not include customization. So please excuse us awesome customer!, We have really difficult things to do in other platforms, so we do not provide customisation services in general, If we do, it will be very expensive for you. We supply a comprehensive general source code point of sale, As you a developer the source code is yours!, Your organization can customize it easily!, So please for more development knowledge read Cemrox POS AC Developer Guide.PDF.
Do you support restaurants?
Sure!, We have specific module for restaurants. and touch-enabled data-entry screens for that purpose. You can use any kind of screens 15 inch, or more, our systems is work perfect. Also don't forget you can customize your sales screen well to be friendly with your screen/shop.
Why do you use Access Database 2022?
Cemrox POS AC is a comprehensive Point of Sale solution based on MS Access for fast deploy, ease of use and quick support! It is designed with high quality to meet the needs of the seller user experience (UX).


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